Living Lockets 2 Items

Guard what is most sacred to you and keep it close to your heart with the brilliant shine and intricacy of our vintage-inspired Sentiments Living Locket® sets.


Chains 3 Items

This lattice-work convertible Chain delivers rich beauty and versatility to our customizable Sentiments Collection and all your Living Locket® looks.


Dangles 1 Items

Unlock what is deep in your heart and accessorize your Sentiments Living Locket® look with our Sentiments Filigree Key Dangles.


Essential Oil Blends + Disc Charms 4 Items

Brighten your mood and create a positive mind-mood connection with Moodology’s 100% pure essential oil blends. Give yourself one more way to wear your Sentiments Living Locket® by adding our Moodology Filigree Mood Discs.